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NAPPS is offering the 2015 Virtual Conference COMPLIMENTARY to all NAPPS members as
part of our 25th Anniversary Celebration.
The Conference will take place  March 5-7, 2015,  in conjunction with
Professional Pet Sitters Week.
Attendee registration has been initiated for all of our members, but you must fill out a short survey in order to complete the registration process, here.  
An In Person Networking Event will be held ~ Saturday, March 7, 2015 
 American Airlines Training & Conference Center
Fort Worth, TX. 

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Advancement through Innovation
We Celebrate A Quarter Century of Success!

The 2014 conference was a great success!
The feedback we have received is overwhelmingly positive.

You can still participate in this premier event!
 You can purchase the entire 2014 conference or
purchase only the session(s) of you choice. 

The March 6-8, 2014 program is available here for your reference. 

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One of the many testimonials we have received below ~

LOVED IT! The format was perfect. I was also REALLY impressed with the technology - it went off without a hitch it seemed, that was amazing considering this was the first time for a virtual conference! I loved being able to attend the sessions right from my office. No travel fatigue, no extra expenses. I also loved the chat - I was afraid one thing we'd lose would be the ability to socialize with fellow sitters, but there was that great chat feature so I felt very connected with others in the sessions. I was also afraid that Q & A would be a challenge for a virtual setting, and I thought it was handled SO WELL. The moderators did a fantastic job, people got to ask their questions without 10 people trying to talk over each other. I could go on and on - I got a lot out of it and I could not believe how easy and convenient it was. GREAT JOB to everyone who worked so hard putting it together! It was flawless. I was really beyond impressed. CONGRATULATIONS NAPPS! I applaud all of you for trying something so new and different, and I hope we do it again!